Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Twitter really satisfies?

I haven't felt the need to blog lately at all. Maybe expressing myself on Twitter has been enough to satisfy my urge to vent from time to time?
Flinging 140 characters around with Twitter is cheap with regards to my time, which is an extremely precious commodity to me. More people probably read my tweets than read my blog anyway. Most of what I blog about is of interest to such a small group of people it probably just doesn't matter here. I can communicate effectively with those people on Twitter.
Life and work has been so busy lately the only way to express anything meaningful at all is via those gorgeous 140 characters that Twitter limits me to. The limit means no prattling on.
I'll make a deal with myself (and you too, if anyone is reading this)... If I can't fit it into 140 characters and it is still worth saying, I'll blog about it.
If you're interested in seeing what I'm up to on regular basis, follow me on Twitter .
Tweet you later :)

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