Saturday, May 8, 2010

Basic Gym Etiquette Is Cool

There is some basic gym etiquette that most people understand and follow without ever being told, or even without thinking about it. These people probably fit very easily into life and society in general without much effort. They're easy to get along with, considerate, clean and polite. Everybody loves them.

Then there are those other gym users. You might know the ones I mean. The inconsiderate, dirty, and loud gym users.

This stuff is common sense but apparently not everyone has enough to spare, so here it goes...

Wipe Down Equipment

Nothing... I repeat, "Nothing"... is more revolting than going to use a bench that is covered with someones sweat. So the next user of the equipment is expected to use their towel to wipe off that 10 litres of sweat? What the hell is wrong with you!? Wipe it down when you're done.

There are signs everywhere about this at any gym, but I don't think the offenders in question care.

Wipe down equipment after you use it. It takes about 2 seconds. If you don't you're a pig.

Put Equipment Back

You got the weights of the rack. You used them. Then you just walked away. You're not a very nice member of the Gym world are you?

I'm not your Mama! Put your own damn weights back where they belong. I know you just lifted a personal best. Awesome. I'm sore and tired too. Why should I put them back for you?

A lovely side effect of everyone putting equipment back after use is that everyone can find it easily. Bonus!

Share Equipment

Nothing is more annoying than someone commandeering a piece of equipment for a long period of time. If you're going to be using something for quite a while the least you can do is get on, do your thing, then stand aside a moment. This makes it easy for others to approach you and ask if you mind if they "cut in" for a set.

Phone Calls

This point deserves a post all for itself!

Do you really think everyone in the gym wants to listen to your marathon phone call? Walk away from the equipement, go and find somewhere away from everyone. Talk your ass off as loud as you want there.

Don't Throw Your Weights

We all know how awesome and powerful you are. Your strength makes me quiver. But do you need to drop your weights from as high as possible?

We all know you rock even if you just put the weights down.

Clean Gym Attire

Don't turn up to the gym in the same gear that is still soaking wet from your last workout.

My favourite gym member is the one that sits on a bench, sweating like a pig with no towel in sight, totally surrounded by the 5 different sets of dumbells they've been using while talking on the phone the one of their mates about the awesome babe they almost picked up Friday night. You're a filthy pig. I doubt you were going to pickup either.

Is any of this that hard?

I would love to see the trainers that walk around the gym pull people up for breaking etiquette but they won't for fear of upsetting a paying member. What about the majority of gym users that have to train in the same gym as the above mentioned gym users? That's the majority of your paying customers. Look after them.

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