Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Back in Singapore... Again!

I'm back in Singapore again! My wife and I returned home to Australia in 2007, but both Australia and Singapore both have their plus sides, and after returning we eventually decided that Singapore is be a better place for us to be in the long run. We're really looking forward to making Singapore home again :) I accepted a position with the company I used to work for here previously, Global IT Creations. I'm quite excited about working with this company again, as we do some really interesting work for our clients. There isn't one other company I've previously worked for that I would return to work with, but I can easily make an exception for GITC. I really want to blog about bits of code I write and play with, and this will be the outlet for those experiments. At the moment I'm mostly using Ruby and Ruby on Rails, but I've had lots of development experience using Java/J2EE, Python and PHP in the past. I've also recently been toying with Flash after avoiding it for so long, and I've really taken a shine to ActionScript 3. Lets see what comes out of it all.

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