Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Firefox 3.0 is Shiny

Firefox 3.0 final was released today, so I thought I'd better take a look while it's still shiny :) I'm actually writing this post using Firefox 3.0 and all seems sweet. The look fits well with the OSX Leopard. After many years of running Linux desktops I really enjoy a unified GUI. Looks aren't everything of course. I really like the 'Awesome Bar', which is an impressive improvement over the Location Bar in Firefox 2. The drop down of suggested URLs is feature rich and should prove really useful. Think of the Awesome Bar as the Location Bar on steroids. Zooming in is also really nice, more like a true zoom than anything I've used before other than my iPod Touch. I switch between Firefox and Safari depending on my mood and the way the wind is blowing, but I always enjoy something new so I'm sure I'll favour FF 3.0 for at least a little while so I can get a feel for what it really has to offer over Firefox 2. There is a cool download counter at . For posterity I've captured a video of the counter in action. Oh yeah, and apparently the IE team sent the Firefox team a cake!

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